The lemon skin benefits are simply amazing. Look at this interesting trick: putting a lemon in your sock before going to sleep… What would it do for your skin? Check out!

Lemon is used for treating different skin problems for years. It contains a great amount of vitamins, minerals and acids that perfectly fit any type of skin.

The skin is a fragile, sensitive part of our bodies and requires special care. People face many skin problems, starting from acne and ending with cracked heels. We’ll focus on the skin of the feet today and see the lemon skin benefits that could help us out with feet skin problems.

Until you see that your heels are cracked you actually don’t pay much attention on foot care, right? But when you do notice that, you immediately start trying to solve that problem.

We’ll show you a simple yet very effective trick that will help you treat foot skin problems, more specifically, cracked heels problem. All you need is one lemon!

Lemon skin benefits for cracked heels

You’ll need to cut the lemon in halves and juice it while taking care not to damage the pulps. Now, the pulp perfectly fits the heel, but you could use this trick on any part of your foot.

What you need to do is place the pulp on the heel (or some other dry foot part) and put on your sock so it can hold it firmly.

The secret in using lemon for dry, cracked heels is in its acid. The acid in the lemon makes it great for exfoliating. The dead skin will fall off and leave room for new, regenerated skin. The results are fast, effective, visible and touchable.

In a matter of few nights, you’ll have nice and smooth heel skin and you’ll be eager to go to the beach or some pool as soon as possible!

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