A bunion on top of foot usually appears when you’re wearing uncomfortable shoes. Look how to remove it non-surgically and painlessly!

Bunions are actually salt deposits. They usually appear on your foot because you were wearing unfit, uncomfortable shoes for a longer period of time. Ironically, whenever a bunion appears, you actually cannot find shoes that fit you because of the pain you’re feeling!

In addition, some health problems can also cause a bunion on top of foot. These conditions include: angina, rheumatic infections, influenza, bad diet, bad metabolism or gout.

Although there are many surgical procedures that can help you remove bunions, these are only a temporary solutions; no one can guarantee that they won’t reappear.

Additionally, pharmacies offer great options for bunion removal but these options don’t offer permanent solution.

How to non-surgically remove bunion on top of foot?

There’s this method that you could use to get rid of bunions for good, and at home. First, you’ll need to start a healthier diet in order to eliminate salt deposits from your body.

You could do this by making a mixture that will clean your body from all of the unnecessary chemicals and waste your body has. You should prepare the mixture in the evening before going to bed.

For the recipe you’ll only need chopped bay leaves and water. To be more precise, you’ll need one tablespoon of bay leaves and 300ml of water.

To start, wash the bay leaves and chop them. Take one small pot and put the water in it. Then, put that one tablespoon of bay leaves and start boiling. Boil them for about 5 minutes and add them into a thermos. You should leave the mixture in the thermos until morning.

As you wake up, strain the mixture and drink it using small sips the whole day. Do the same thing for 3 days. One week later, start using the mixture again for 3 days.

The truth is that you’ll urinate more often than usually. This is because you are getting rid of salt that your body is dissolving using this drink.

You’ll see that after this treatment, or after those 10 days, your bunion will completely disappear and you’ll feel healthier than ever!

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