Safe facial hair removal for women cannot always be successful. Many hair removal products damage your skin. Try this natural mix and have a perfect face!

We all hate those facial hairs. We just can’t bear living with them on our faces, and to find a safe facial hair removal for women is really hard.

The cosmetic saloons offer hair removal techniques and treatments which are not suited for every skin type. Also, they are pretty painful and leave redness and different marks on your facial skin.

Needless to say, these treatments are insanely expensive. But did you know that you can make a homemade mix, super cheap, that will help you get rid of facial hair permanently?

In addition, this mix will be painless. The hair will be gone and you’ll feel no pain during the removal process. All you need for the recipe is some eggs, flour, and sugar. Sounds even tasty, right?

Eggs nourish your skin and help you retain the natural, baby glow of your face. Your skin becomes softer, clearer and moisturized. Plus, you’ll safely remove the unnecessary hairs from your face that always bother you.

Safe facial hair removal for women

For the mixture, you’ll need the white of the egg, so you’ll need to separate the white and the yolk, placing them in two different containers.

Then, in the container with the white, add 1 tablespoon of sugar and 1 of corn flour. Mix well for about 5-10 minutes, until you get a smooth paste.

Next, apply the mixture on the spots of your face where you have the hair. Leave the paste dry on your face. Your face should look all white and firm.

Now, pull the paste opposite of the hair growth direction firmly and you’ll see how the hair will get pulled out safely and painfully.

Tip: You could use this paste as a face mask, as well. It’s perfectly moisturizing and it makes your skin feel like a baby skin. Repeat the whole procedure except the pulling. Instead, just wash the mask off 15 minutes after you’ve applied it.