Boosting your hair growth with castor oil will give you great results. Check out the castor oil benefits for your health, especially your hair.

What is castor oil? It is oil extracted from a plant called ricinus communis, a plant with healing properties. The seeds of this plant are one of the most toxic in the world, but during extraction, the oil doesn’t get the toxic but only the healing properties of the plant.

Castor oil is rich in minerals, proteins, vitamin E and triglyceride of fatty acids. Due to its ricinoleic acid, castor oil has extremely powerful anti-fungicidal and antibacterial properties and it’s great in preventing and curing viruses, mold and bacteria.

Speed up hair growth with castor oil – and more…

Castor oil, being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, is great for nourishing your hair. It gets deeply into the follicles and pores and speeds up your hair growth. You just need to rub a couple of drops of castor oil on your hair before going to sleep, and wash your hair in the morning. Repeat this for a few days. You’ll see the results in no time.

Other than speeding up your hair growth, castor oil also eliminates dandruff and protects your scalp from microbial infections. This is due to its anti-fungicidal and antibacterial properties. So this oil makes your hair look fresher and dandruff-free.

In addition to perfect hair, you can get more benefits out of this magnificent oil. Castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is good for regulating bowel movement. Also, due to its ricinoleic acid, it prevents bacteria and viruses. It is also good for menstrual pain, as it relaxes the muscles and alleviates the pain.

Castor oil is great for treating skin problems, like acne, sunburn, itching, fungal and bacterial infections, warts etc. Just apply castor oil onto problematic areas and look how your skin changes in just a few days.

Other great benefits that castor oil can give you are treat digestive disorders, kidney stones, fibroid, swollen joints and ovarian cysts. Just fold one cotton cloth in several layers, soak it in castor oil and hold it on the problematic area. The pain goes immediately.