Sudden hair loss in women can happen from various reasons; one of each is stress. Learn how to manage to stop the hair loss using this recipe!

Daily care of the hair is a sacred process for many women. This part of the body represents their identity, as they look good and feel confident when their hair is shiny and strong.

Moreover, women often face other hair problems other than keeping their hair look good. For example, sudden hair loss in women happens. There are various reasons for this, such as: stress, hair dying, exposure to sun, lack of vitamins and minerals etc.

That’s why you need to take good care of your overall health, as well as your hair. Though, taking care of the hair is not at all an easy task.

Achieving this is not only very strenuous; it represents a very big expense. Hair products are usually very expensive and almost all come in few quantities.

But today, fortunately for you, we will show you the best home treatment that will make your hair grow very quickly and with a root resistant to everything.

And the secret of this treatment is in its special ingredient: rosemary. This plant is widely used in the culinary world. It is special because it has nutritional components that will help you nourish your hair; that is why hairdressers now advise their clients to use it. It is also very easy to buy and get, as it is completely natural and, fair to say, not expensive.

You should not worry about its effectiveness, since many experts have experienced with it and all concluded that this herb is ideal for treating the hair and prevent it from falling very fast. All this thanks to the wonderful properties that stimulate growth.

Prevent sudden hair loss in women using  this rosemary hair mask

As we said, sudden hair loss in women is not at all uncommon. If you are suffering because you see how your hair falls more and more, then it is time for you to pay attention to everything we are about to tell you next.

These simple instructions will make your life much easier, since you can be sure of the specific ingredients this product that you are placing in your hair contains.

The ingredients are:

  • Two tablespoons of rosemary
  • ½ glass of extra virgin olive oil.

The method of preparation:

– Find a container that you can put it in the microwave.

– Fill the bowl with olive oil and rosemary leaves.

– Put this in the microwave for 2 minutes.

– Remove it from the microwave and put it in a dark corner.

– Wait for three days to rest.

In the end, what you should do is apply it throughout your scalp performing small circular massages to stimulate growth.

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