The truth behind C-section vs natural delivery has been bugging women for ages. There’s always this question ‘Which one is safer’? Read and find out.

truth behind C-section vs natural delivery

Giving birth is probably the most emotional and miraculous thing that happens in a woman’s life. The woman brings another human being into life and this was always considered as something sacred. However, when things like these are said, no one mentions the possible pain and problems that the birth giving can cause. No one understands the biggest dilemma women face when they’re about to give birth: C-section or natural delivery? Sometimes, things get ‘easy’ for them when their doctor ‘choses’ for them, according to the needs and health of both the infant and the mom. But in some cases, women deliberately chose whether they want one over the other. Then, how to choose the right way?

The truth behind C-section vs natural delivery

Of course, there are always pros and cons for everything; birth giving included. In this case, there are separate pros and cons for the mother and the child. Let’s see the truth behind C-section vs natural delivery.

First of all, let’s look at the natural birth giving. The pros include:

  • For the mother: Natural birth giving is good from a psychological point of view. Women feel empowering having their own child in a natural way; no surgeries included. They say that that’s the best, although most painful, experience in their lives. The mother and the child bond instantly, right after the baby is born. The healing process is shorter in comparison with C-section. When a woman gave birth to her firstborn naturally, she has no doubts but to repeat that with the second child.
  • For the child: One of the most important things is that the child instantly bonds with the mother. Also, the chances are that it would immediately start eating in comparison with the C-section process. In addition, when the baby is born naturally, the fluid from its lungs might get squeezed out, preventing breathing problems. Also, in this way, the baby receives a particular dose of the needed, healthy bacteria which boosts their immune system.

Next, let’s look at the cons:

  • For the mother: Natural delivery might be a devastating experience. Some women give birth in minutes; for others, this might take hours. When the second scenario takes place, this can lead to emotional problems, postpartum depression, or even lifelong trauma.
  • For the child: In very uncommon and unusual cases, the baby might get injured somehow.

Finally, let’s look at the pros for C-section:

  • For the mother: Depending on how the pregnancy is going, how good the baby is developing, sometimes doctors recommend C-section. In this case, the woman has no choice but to prepare mentally on time. The advantage here is: the delivering process is much, much shorter than the natural.
  • For the baby: The baby is monitored for a few days by specialists, who give the family precise information about the baby’s health.

The cons:

  • For the mother: With C-section, the woman and the child need to remain in the hospital for at least 3 days and cannot bond immediately. Also, the healing process lasts much, much longer. C-section is a type of surgery, so there’s always the risk of infections, blood loss and even death. C-section is 3 times more death threatening than natural delivery. Also, the breastfeeding process starts later on and sometimes when it does, it’s pretty problematic.
  • For the child: When the baby is born by C-section, it is most likely that it will experience breathing problems.