Walking – Simple But Effective as Hell!

Are you walking enough? Are you being active? Changing your whole lifestyle is not an easy task to do. Especially when we talk about commuting. We’re used to use our cars wherever we go – to work, to shop, to a friend’s house… We’re in a constant hurry and we cannot manage our time properly. We couldn’t imagine our lives without the vehicles. But, we should. We should use our cars only when necessary, in an emergency or when we travel. On a daily basis, we should avoid using our car more than once a day.


Walk is the simplest way to lose weight, stay fit and feel healthy. Walk is helpful in many ways, but we’ll talk about that later. First, let’s state the techniques.

Simple walking

You can start slow: first, try walking to your friend’s house. You might feel exhausted but you’ll also feel alive. Then, try walking to work. Manage your time, leave the house earlier. You’ll feel better than ever.

Fast walking

Grab a bottle of water, headphones and a towel. You’d think you don’t need those? Try fast walking; imagine you’re in a hurry. You’ll start sweating, you’re heartbeat will go up, and you’ll almost feel like you’re exercising. But when you get used to it, it would feel too simple for you, and you’ll need a new challenge. Then, you can even try jogging.


You know, the doctors always advise us to walk in order to recover from whatever disease. They’re absolutely right. Walking improves your blood pressure, lowers the risk of heart attacks, helps you maintain your figure and strengthens your muscles. No need to mention, but also it improves your mood and makes you feel alive, it makes you enjoy the nature and appreciate life more. So, get in your comfy shoes and get going!