What Do Vegans Eat?

When we talked about lifestyle changes, we determined that they’re not easy. But here’s a thought you might consider (not that we’re trying to convince you). Have you ever wondered what do vegans eat?

what do vegans eat

It’s impossible that they only eat raw fruits and vegetables, right? How do they survive without the necessary proteins? Well, it turns out that actually, they do have substitutes for the proteins that we know are coming from animals.

What do vegans eat other than fruits and veggies? – A lot of stuff!

For one thing, vegans do not eat ‘only’ raw fruits and vegetables. They have a whole pallet of choice when it comes to food. But first, let’s solve the mystery of how do they substitute meat and dairy. Soy and soy milk, to start with. The vegan population uses soy on a regular basis and soy is a pretty popular ingredient in their meals. It can come and it can be prepared in lots of shapes (burgers, sausages). When it comes to dairy, besides soy milk, there’s also rise milk, so vegans do not need to give up on cereals. Also, homemade cheese can be made from these, so you might consider googling some recipes.

Going out – what do vegans eat out?

Since we determined that there are alternatives, let’s answer the second question: what to eat in a restaurant? Also, plenty of choice! Each cuisine has at least one special meal made from veggies. Let’s take Italian food for example (our favorite): pasta with tomato sauce and basil! Or veggie risotto! As simple as that! And it still sounds delicious, right?

Anything else?

Of course, there are numerous products in the local stores which are 100% vegan. Energy bars, vegan pies and cookies, nondairy yogurts, to name a few. Also, all kinds of nuts and seeds are recommended, both as vegan material and as healthy stuff. Naturally, we cannot explore all the possibilities, but with the right eagerness to try new combinations and experiments with food, vegans can absolutely survive and be healthier than most of us who cannot hold back from meat and dairy. If you think about it, becoming a vegan is not such a bad idea. Actually, it sounds amazing! Anyone wanna try?