Beetroot And Its Health Benefits – Make This Beetroot Smoothie And Flush Your Liver

Beetroot and its health benefits will flush the toxins from your liver and you’ll get a full-functioning, healthy and strong liver! Check this beetroot smoothie!

You know you’re entirely responsible for your health. No one else can help you but yourself. Your lifestyle, what you eat and drink directly reflects upon your health.

That’s why you need to take care of your lifestyle as a whole in order to have a healthy body. Many of your organs suffer when you’re consuming ‘the forbidden’ foods and drinks.

Your liver in particular. You know that a damaged liver, a fatty liver leads to numerous conditions. You’re at risk of getting high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure, to start with.

This is all due to the layers of fat all over your body and liver. Your liver cannot manage to flush all the toxins that you’re consuming so they stay stored all over.

The consequences of fat storage in your liver are enormous and dangerous. You might get diabetes, hepatitis, cirrhosis and many more. Also, fatigue, obesity and mood swings are not something uncommon.

Beetroot and its health benefits

Luckily, there’s one ingredient that you could incorporate in your daily menu that can keep you safe. Beetroot and its health benefits will surprise you, for sure.

Beetroot is like a sponge: it absorbs all that fat from your body and liver. Eating beetroot or making delicious smoothies out of it can really help you prevent many health problems.

We’ll present you one recipe that will keep you started. Once you try it, you’ll definitely want to eat and drink more of this amazing veggie.

Beetroot smoothie recipe

 You’ll need water, 2 large beetroots and 2 juicy limes. Chop the beetroot in small pieces, put them in a blender or a food processor and blend. Next, juice the limes and put them into the blender as well. Put half a glass of water and blend all of that together.

When you get a homogeneous mix, you’ll know that your smoothie is ready. This drink is refreshing, it has a nice red color and it cleanses your liver.

You’ll need to drink this smoothie 3 times a day for a week if you’re already experiencing liver problems. If you’re not, and you want to drink it as prevention, then it is enough to drink one glass every morning; maybe as a breakfast substitute.