Learn how to break down plaque in arteries, solving all your cardiovascular problems, including lowering high blood pressure. See how!

Lately, natural medicine has become much respected in the lives of many people. This is because most have discovered that natural remedies are much more effective. That is why more and more people make the switch from conventional medicine to natural medicine.

A recipe that has gained a lot of fame in this type of medicine, is the one that we will show you next.

Many know it as the old German recipe that combines three powerful ingredients: lemon, garlic and ginger. These ingredients individually are very good for the health; but when combined in a single remedy, we can achieve wonders.

Garlic is well known for its antibacterial, antiseptic and antiviral properties. The source of all its power is found in allicin, a substance beneficial to health. In addition, garlic is rich in vitamin C, B6, manganese and fiber.

Ginger, for its part, is well known for being an excellent natural source of antioxidants. It is also very useful for reducing inflammation, pain, digestive problems and more.The lemon, on the other hand, has alkaline properties and is rich in vitamin C.

Now, let’s learn how to break down plaque in arteries and lower high blood pressure with this amazing mixture. Follow the instructions.

How to break down plaque in arteries and lower high blood pressure?

What you will need:

  • Garlic (4 units).
  • Ginger (4 cm / 1.5 in).
  • Lemons (4 units).
  • Water (2 liters).

Preparation and use:

Initially, wash the lemons and ginger nicely, chopping the lemons into thin slices. Next, peel the garlic and ginger and pour all the ingredients into a blender. Liquefy them until you get a homogenous substance.

Now, pour this mixture into a pot and heat it. Slowly add the water and let it boil. Finally, let the mixture cool, filter it and out in a bottle. Finally, store it into the refrigerator.

Take 1 glass on an empty stomach every morning. Or you can ingest it 2 hours before going to sleep. With that, your arteries will be like new in a very short time without fat that obstructs them. In addition, you will notice how your blood pressure is also regulated and stabilized.

Now that you’ve learned how to break down plaque in arteries, start taking this syrup and you will feel like new.

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