Kidney and gallbladder stones removal can be quite exhausting and painful. Remove them naturally mixing these ingredients at home!

At least once in a lifetime, every person experiences kidney or gallbladder stones appearance. This happens with age and due to our specific lifestyles.

Kidney and gallbladder stones happen when we lack sufficient water consumption, we eat too much salt or sugar, we lose or gain a lot of weight in an extremely short time or we have some infection.

Consuming fructose can also cause stones development. Fructose can be found in corn syrups or your regular sugar that you use every day.

In fact, you urine is responsible for dissolving waste, but when there’s too much of it, it builds up in liquids. These liquids turn into crystals that join with many other solid formations and cause these stones.

The symptoms of kidney or gallbladder stones appear, unfortunately, after the stones have developed. However, their appearance can be prevented when you have proper amount of calcium, urate, xanthine, phosphate and oxalate.

Yet, once these stones are formed, they remain in the kidneys or the gallbladder or go to the urinary tract and to the ureter.

What causes great pain in this condition is when the stones don’t move, ergo, they stay in the kidney, urethra, ureter or the gallbladder. When this happens, you feel terrible pain.

However, if the kidney or the gallbladder stones are smaller, some people get rid of them through urination. This is the easiest way to eliminate them.

Sadly, often times these stones get quite big and they cause a lot of trouble. To get rid of them, you should watch out what you eat and drink. Here are some suggestions that can help you with the process of kidney and gallbladder stones removal.

Kidney and gallbladder stones removal

Filtered water, lemons, watermelon and potassium consumption is the best solution. Additionally, you should avoid foods high in calcium, sodium, animal protein and oxalate content. Also, avoid spinach, cashews, soybeans, black tea, hazelnuts, almonds, wheat bran and sunflower seeds.

Drinking a lot of liquids, and weirdly enough, beer especially can also help you eliminate stones during urination.

But, this juice recipe will help you with kidney and gallbladder stones removal in the most efficient way. All of the mentioned fruits need to be organic. So you’ll need: one apple, one lemon, one orange, four slices of watermelon and 4 ice cubes. Juice or blend them and you’ll get your juice.

Just from reading about it you already feel refreshed, right? Well, this juice other than being refreshing, it’s highly efficient in the fight against stones. So, try it, you won’t regret it!