First of all, let me state this now: every meal that you’ll see today is bombastic! I don’t want to spoil the surprise, see for yourself… Certainly, you’ll like it!

meal - brown rice

Meal n.1

Protein bomb!

Whole egg                                                                          1

Egg whites                                                                         2

Chicken breast                                                                  60gr

Mushrooms and onions                                                      120gr

Whole-grain bagel                                                              ½

  • Cut the mushrooms, onions and the chicken breast in small pieces and cook them with a few drops of olive oil and water. In the meantime, put the eggs in a bowl and mix them. After the mushrooms, onions and the chicken breast are done, put the eggs and make your delicious omelet. Serve with a half of a bagel.

Meal n.2

Beep-beep sandwich

A slice of a whole-grain bread                                            1

Spoon of non-fat cream cheese                                          1

Chicken breasts/tuna                                                         55gr

Slice of tomato                                                                  2/3

Apple                                                                                 1

  • Take the slice of the bread and smear it with the cream cheese. Put the chicken breast or the tuna and the slices of tomato on top, and there’s your meal! Have the apple after you’re finished with the sandwich and don’t forget to drink one glass of water.

Meal n.3

Brown rice pleasure

Brown rice                                                                          120gr

Onion and carrot                                                                 50gr

Salmon                                                                                1

Spoon of tartar sauce                                                           2


  • Slice the onion and the carrot and cook them with olive oil and a little bit of water. After they’re done, put the brown rice and add water enough to cover it. Put the meal in a preheated oven (250 C◦) and roast it for 45 min. Meanwhile, put the salmon in a grill pan and cook it. Put the lettuce into the bowl and spray it with the tartar sauce, then put the rice and the salmon on top and spray again. Have a nice Mediterranean meal!

Meal n.4

Healthy snack platter

Sliced chicken/turkey breast                                                 100gr

Low-fat cheese                                                                    30gr

Sliced pieces of tomato                                                         4

Olives                                                                                   5

Whole-grain crackers

  • Put the crackers and the olives in the middle of the plate and round them with the breast, cheese and tomato. Healthy snack platter, right!?

Meal n.5

Roast beef dinner

Lean ground beef                                                                      120gr

Steamed cauliflowers, broccoli and carrots                                 300gr

Handful of mixed berries

  • Finish your day healthy! Grill the beef, cut it into small pieces, and mix it with the previously steamed vegetables. As a desert, have some mixed berries.

Another day saved! Have a nice day and join us again tomorrow, we’re preparing more for you!





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