Perform This Lung Flush Procedure And Detoxify Your Lungs Naturally!

This lung flush procedure will help you to detoxify your lungs completely naturally and safely. See what you need to do and perform the procedure today!

It is well known that the lungs are really important organs, that is, thanks to them we breathe and they are completely irreplaceable. However, due to different factors these tend to be contaminated. Among them we can mention the most common: cigarette or tobacco, environmental pollution, constant inhalation of chemical substances, among others.

We always find information on how to cleanse the colon, liver and more, but we forget that our lungs also require our attention and need to be constantly purified, especially if you ever went through the pollutant conditions mentioned above.

If you have decided to quit smoking yourself because you feel that you have done enough harm, this information is also valuable because you need to drain all the toxins out of your lungs.

As the years go by, our environment becomes much more contaminated. There are exaggerated amounts of chemical and toxic substances that we inhale daily, littering our lungs with wastes that end up affecting their proper functioning over time. The best way to detoxify your lungs and improve your airways considerably is using this lung flush procedure.

Lung flush procedure

Follow the instructions below:


Drink the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of water 15 minutes before you eat your breakfast. Make sure the water is at room temperature or warm.

Half morning

Take 300 milliliters of carrot juice, made with half a glass of water.


Prepare a smoothie made with banana, beets, almonds, figs or some mixture of vegetables and fruits high in potassium of your preference. Drink a quantity of 400 ml.


Drink at least 300 ml of the juice of freshly squeezed grapefruit (or pineapple); you can use some water.


Consume at least 400 mil of organic blueberry juice just before you decide to go to bed.

In the course of the day take a shower of hot water that lasts at least 20 minutes, and let your body fall the maximum temperature it can withstand. You can also make eucalyptus fumes. In no time you will notice the changes.

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