Oat Bran-Plum Smoothie – Simply Mouthwatering!

Oat bran-plum smoothie is one of the newest smoothie recipes that we have prepared for you. It’s a combination of fruits and cereals, and it can substitute a meal for sure! You’ll feel full and you could skip one meal of your preference.

oat bran-plum smoothie

The reason why the Mayor of HealthyVille’s associates experimented with this combination is fair and simple. They wanted to find the perfect combination for a healthy meal which can make you feel full, filled with vitamins and most importantly, energized. The ingredients are carefully selected based on nutrition facts.

We chose oat bran, first of all because it’s pretty finely grind, and you won’t notice it while you’re drinking the smoothie. Secondly, because it creates the wanted feeling of fullness. And last but not least, because it’s slows down fat and sugar absorption and helps in lowering cholesterol. Perfect, right?

Now, plums have almost the same function but are also a great source of vitamins. They taste sweet, too, which gives us the mouthwatering taste.

In addition, we would also use the regular ingredients, such as water and ice cubes, but, banana and strawberry are also welcomed. Each one of them has that sweet taste and they’re equally beneficial for your ‘meal’.

Oat bran-plum smoothie ingredients

  • 1/3 cup oat bran
  • 5-6 plums
  • 1 banana
  • 2-3 strawberries
  • water
  • ice cubes


Depending whether you’re using a simple blender or NutriBulet or something completely different, make sure to start blending slow, so you get the right density. When you see that all of the ingredients are nicely blended, you can speed up.

Serving Tip

When serving, you could use a strawberry as a decoration and you could spice it up even more by adding a little bit of oat bran on top of the smoothie. Either way, it will taste amazingly fresh and good, so no harm in trying.