The best glute exercises are just 6 steps away from you! These are a MUST for getting amazing results and a perfect body! Check them out!

The desire of many women and large numbers of men today is to find the secret of having strong, large, formed and cute buttocks. However, you have to constantly do different workouts and exercises to achieve that.

The genes that you inherited from your parents determined the type of body that today. There is a type of body that is called “pear form” when the fat stores in the buttocks. This is probably the worst type of buttocks form to try and shape.

Not many people are aware or informed that the glutes are formed by three different muscles, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minoris. Above the gluteus medius is the gluteus maximus and this is the largest.

When doing exercises and exercises, you should focus more or mainly on the gluteus maximus and thus you can get the buttocks you want. Here we’ll show you the best glute exercises to tone and reaffirm your glutes. So, go ahead and try them out!

The 6 best glute exercises

Squats: The best glute exercises are definitely the squats. You have several types and ways to do them: halfway and flexing almost to the floor, with legs open, closed, or with one foot in front of another or you can go adding weight.

Lunges: The most important thing when doing this exercise is to not go over the knee but just until the tip of the foot. It is very effective and the results are spectacular.

Bridge: You must lie on your back and then lift the trunk by holding it for about two seconds and then lower without placing your body on the floor. Repeat this several times. It’s really good.

Hip extension: Place your forearms parallel to the floor and your knees resting on the floor and extend your leg back. Repeat it several times. This exercise has variations; you can do it also with the legs extended sideways.

Steps: Make a step like you’re stepping on a stair repeatedly; it is simple and very effective. If you want to add difficulty you can use something higher as a chair or add weight.

Jumping jacks: Stand with your arms at the sides of your hips, jump and open your legs, at the same time you raise your arm and clap, return to the starting position and you make repetitions of the same movement.

Just be consistent and you’ll achieve significant changes in your glutes.

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