Warning! The best-result-giving celebrity diet is just in front of you! You must try it! And when we say celebrity, we think of… Beyonce! Hot, right? Quick, scroll down and read what has she been using to lose the pregnancy weight!

best-result-giving celebrity diet

This diet has been the major subject in many diet-related-research for years. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning here that it’s perfectly safe and healthy to use it whenever you want to just detox your body. It consists of lemon, honey and mint, so it’s quite cheap, all of us can afford it, and yet, look like Beyonce :). Other than lose weight, you will rejuvenate, you will free your body of toxins and you will have glowing skin and shinier hair. This drink will boost your energy and endurance so you could work harder, and will help you improve your confidence and self esteem.

The recipe for the best-result-giving celebrity diet

For one thing, let’s give you the name of the diet. It is most widely known as lemon detox diet, or lemon diet drink, to be more precise. People who have tried it say that you can lose up to 2 pounds every day. That would be nice, yes? Here’s what you need:

  • 6 lemons
  • 1 cup of honey
  • 12 leaves of mint
  • 8 cups of water
  • handful of ice cubes

How to prepare: You should heat the water until just before it starts to boil. Next, put all the ingredients, except the ice cubes, and mix. After the mixture is nicely mixed, put it in the fridge and leave it stand for a few hours. You’ll see in short how you should use it, however, make sure you put some ice cubes each time before you drink it.

The right lemon detox drink – food equation for weight loss

We promised best-result-giving celebrity diet, so we’ll show you the way Queen B used it. We’ll make sure to give you some other similar suggestions for substitution.


Each day for one week, you should drink one glass of the lemon detox drink before breakfast. The breakfast should include fruits, vegetables or cereals.

Snack 1

Next, around 11 a.m, drink another glass, combined with raw almonds as a snack. This should keep you full enough until lunch.


Egg and lettuce salad with olive oil and apple vinegar is B’s choice for lunch, however, we can recommend a bowl of boiled peas or beans. It has nearly the same level of protein, but if you don’t like the suggestion, try eating anything which is rich in protein.

Snack 2

Depending on your cravings, around 4 or 5 p.m, drink another glass and eat a bowl of fruits of your choice.


Finally, eat grilled chicken or fish combined with fresh, seasoned salad. Drink your last lemon detox drink 2 hours prior going to sleep.

And you may now kiss the calories goodbye! 🙂