To lose weight faster, you should follow some basic rules. These might seem as pretty straightforward, but actually, they need to become a part of your life. Here are some tips on how to achieve that.

lose weight faster

First and foremost, you should keep food diary. You should carefully plan every meal that you wanna eat, and then keep a record of it. Looking back at what you have eaten, can make you realize how much food you’re consuming and what or how much to cut back on tomorrow. This should help you make healthier eating habits and definitely help lose weight faster.

Equally important is to avoid saturated fat and carbs in processed food. Carbs in whole grains and fruits and vegetables are not dangerous. You should stay away from carbs in junk food and sodas – we’re sure you’re aware of that. When it comes to fat, you need fat for your general health, because you body needs it, but you should avoid saturated fat.

Now, let’s see how we can help you organize your day with the aim to lose weight faster.

Drinking water – when?

Research shows that drinking water before meals helps most in losing weight. Most importantly because you’ll stay hydrated, but also because you’ll feel full and you’ll eat less.

What can I eat a lot, but still lose weight faster?

We’re sure you know the answer, but no harm in repeating – plain vegetables. That is, plain vegetables – no sauces, toppings or frying. You can eat all the veggies you want, until you feel full. Trust us, they’re so harmless, incomparably low in calories and… healthy!

TIP: When it comes to feeling full, it takes 15-20 minutes for you body to process the food (that is, depending on which one). So, eat, take a break of 15 minutes at least, and if you’re full, stop there. If not, grab a veggie! 🙂

Skip dinner? NO!

Never skip a meal… not one… no! Even though you have eaten so much during the day, never skip a meal. Your body needs the food all the time. Try eating your dinner in a reasonable time, but don’t avoid it.

Sleep more or less?

Of course, more… Numerous research was made based on many, many questions about healthy life, and each one of them showed the same result – sleeping more is good for everything. And in our case, it’s good for losing weight. Look at it this way: you’re sleeping, not eating. 🙂

EXTRA TIPS: 1. We know that weighting ourselves is such a torture for our eyes and soul, but guys, you need to weight yourself often. In that notebook that we mentioned, the food diary? Make a space for your weight numbers. Keep record of that too. It can serve as motivation. 2. Favorite fatty food? Hmm… You can eat your favorite ‘forbidden’ food from time to time, but that’s it. Maybe once or twice a month, not more. Also, try eating those in small portions.