How to maintain weight loss after dieting and stop the yo-yo effects? All you need is this natural remedy to help you maintain your fit figure!

Fat has always been one of the biggest problems for many people who are overweight. This is usually accumulated in different parts of the body such as the belly, arms, legs and back.

As a result, they end up gaining weight and losing the figure. This can make often make them an object of ridicule and criticism everywhere.

Generally, when many people are told to lose some weight, the first thing they think about is burning fat. However, this is only a part of the process of losing weight. You must keep in mind that fat is a source of energy for the body. If you eliminate it completely, you are likely to suffer serious consequences.

That is why losing weight is not just about exercising or reducing fat consumption. It requires a set of activities and behaviors for healthy weight loss. That is why those who manage to lose weight with medicines or home remedies can regain weight. Then how to maintain weight loss after dieting?

We will show you something you can do that has no rebound effect. In other words, once you lose weight, you will not regain it with this remedy. It is a natural product that will make you maintain weight in the right way. Pay attention to the following instructions and learn how to maintain weight loss after dieting naturally.

How to maintain weight loss after dieting?

What you will need:

Clove (10 grams)

Flax seeds (100 grams)

Preparation and use:

The first thing you need is a mill to crush both ingredients. Once crushed, mix them well and store them in a cool, dry place. Each morning, take a cup of water and put 2 tablespoons of this powder in it. Now proceed mixing everything very well as if it were milk powder.

Take this mixture on an empty stomach for 3 consecutive days. On days 4, 5 and 6 stop taking it. Do it again on days 7,8 and 9. Repeat the process as many consecutive days as necessary to maintain the desired weight.

You can buy clove at the nearest supermarket. On the other hand, the flax seeds can be found in any naturalistic store. Both ingredients are very cheap and easy to get. That is why you should make the most of this in order to maintain your figure.

Start drinking this this fabulous drink today and you will never regain weight.

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