The most common weight loss mistakes – what are they? What are you supposed to be careful about? Find out in a glimpse!

most common weight loss mistakes

First terrible mistake

One of most common weight loss mistakes is the one with the strict diet regimens. People normally think that if they cut off a lot of things from their diet, they’ll lose weight faster. But that the most terrible mistake. It’s a shock for your body and your health! This causes many serious problems that you would imagine! Your hormones might go loose, your body might get deformed, and your muscles will weaken! Not to mention your physical performance and your energy! Also, you might feel sick and have a lot of headaches. So, if you’re tempted to be on a strict diet, think twice! There are a lot of testimonies from people who have lost weight quickly, but after a while, their weight got doubled and stayed like that for years. That due to hormones chaos, and bad metabolic rate.

Second mistake

Second bad mistake is giving up on meat completely. Meat is the main source for protein, and you cannot survive without protein. If you’re trying to lose weight and you think that meat is all fat, you’re wrong. Try eating some lighter meat, like chicken or fish. Or if you really want to give up meat, make sure you eat enough beans, peas and lentil, because they’re a great substitute for meat.

Third mistake

This is one of the most dangerous, yet taken for granted mistake. When trying to eat healthy and cutting off fat and calories, people reach for store-bought products that have a label on them which says ‘light’. There’s nothing light in those products. In fact, they do more harm than good, because they consist of even more additives which make them not even real food, but just food supplements. If you’re trying to eat healthy, you must prepare your own meals. There’s a lot of recipes to make your own ketchup, spreads and milk.

Solution for most common weight loss mistakes

When you’re trying to lose weight, do it gradually. First, try giving up on your favorite fried foods. Then, try getting used to salads for dinner. Count the calories. Make a diet plan. Drink water instead of soda and packed juices. Do workouts. Prepare your own healthy food. Trust us, even for your most favorite meal, there’s a healthier alternative.


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