Prepare this natural colon detox at home, and with a little effort, you’ll lose weight and be fit in no time. See all the benefits and learn how to prepare it!

It is good to cleanse our body, and it is better when we do it in a delicious way that helps us lose weight by taking care of our colon. Prepare a natural colon detox at home and watch what happens.

We recommend that you make a rich juice that you will consume for 5 days, once a month. This will keep you full of energy and very healthy. All the ingredients are easy to find and are very economical.

Ingredients for natural colon detox at home

  • One pineapple
  • A cucumber
  • An apple
  • A leaf of aloe

Properties of ingredients

Pineapple: contains a lot of liquid and is low in calories. Provides vitamin C necessary for the body, also helps fight infectious diseases and some types of cancer.

Cucumber: helps to moisturize the skin, keep it beautiful and healthy, and cleans the colon. It has vitamin C and minerals. It also helps to purify the body. The cucumber contains high amounts of fiber.

Apple: helps regulate intestinal transit because it has high amounts of fiber. It also helps regulate cholesterol and eliminate toxins.

Aloe: used to treat inflammations, herpes in the genitals, tumors and infected wounds. It also serves to lose weight, has laxative properties that help our body to detoxify and good color function and regulate cholesterol levels.

How to prepare it?

The first thing is do is to wash all the ingredients well, to peel only the pineapple and to cut the others in small pieces. Of the aloe leaf, you should only use the crystal.

Then put a fist of each ingredient in the blender. After you liquefy it, put the juice in a jar and beat the rest of the ingredients.

When all the ingredients are liquefied squeeze a ripe lemon juice and it’s ready. You’ve prepared a natural colon detox at home that will make you lose weight fast!

How to consume it?

Ingest one glass per day, every morning on an empty stomach. Do this for 5 consecutive days in the month. You’ll notice the difference from the first day. Using this natural colon detox at home, you’ll save money, time and effort on getting fit and you’ll love the results!

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