Learn how to not feel hungry by just improving your posture! You’ll lose weight like crazy without being on a diet or exercising! See how!

We all dream for a method that allows us to lose weight quickly and without starving. It sounds like something impossible, but to the joy of all of us, a Japanese doctor named discovered a method that helps to lose weight as fast as possible and without starving. All you need to do is to learn how to not feel hungry.

This is a trick that does not require diet, is not expensive and does not carry an exercise plan.

The miraculous treatment explained in a Japanese book has already sold nearly 6 million copies throughout Asia. In the book the doctor explains that there is no need for any particular tool to achieve losing weight fast. All we need is a large towel, string or tape to hold the towel in the form of a roll and a flat surface. The procedure to be performed using these items should be practiced 3 times for five minutes every day.

This doctor is an expert on problems with the pelvic bone and realized that the main cause of fat in the abdomen area is the variation of pelvic bones and subcostal bone.

When he found the relationship of this problem with this part of the body, he developed a method so that in a simple and quick way the excess fat can be removed at the waist.

This is a very efficient and easy to implement method, since all you have to do is follow the procedure that you’ll read below for 5 minutes each day, adopting the correct position.

How to not feel hungry and burn fat?

Wrap a towel and tape it to fix it. Then sit on the floor and place the towel under your back at the navel level. Make sure the towel is a little wider than your back.

Lie down and spread your legs shoulder-width apart and tilt your legs so that the thumbs of both feet touch. Also extend your arms toward your head and turn your palms down so that your two little fingers touch.

If you cannot manage to make them touch completely, go as far as you can, but make sure your thumbs touch well. You should stay in this position for five minutes, 3 times a day to and you’ll learn how to not feel hungry.

This seems simple, but it is not as comfortable as it seems. In fact, at first it will be uncomfortable and painful as the bones return to the natural position, but as time passes, you’ll feel better.

In case you do not endure the pain during the 5 minutes, you must run the treatment as far as you can or start the sessions 1 or 2 minutes a day, and when you get accustomed, increase the time gradually until you reach the required 5 minutes. This method is a kind of stretching, so if you want to get good results you have to be constant in the routine.

Care must be taken not to make sudden movements or to get up very fast after performing the routine, as the bones and ankles become inflexible. First try to lie on your side, then sit for a short time and then stand up. Remember not to make sudden movements.

Other benefits

This method may turn out to be unbelievable, but you have nothing to lose if you try. Do not hesitate and try it, you will see that the results will be 100% effective for weight loss and at the same time will improve your posture. This will make you feel much healthier and will help you to not have any more backaches.

This treatment can give results in different areas of the body, so changing the position of the towel can change the main purpose of the exercise. If you put the towel under the chest, the effect will be a breast lift, if you apply it under the ribs, your waistline will be fine.

This method promises fantastic results and all experiences have been positive. You can lose up to 2cm from the waist after the 5th day.

If you suffer from problems with the spine, you should consult your doctor before performing this procedure.

Note: Do not forget to measure before beginning treatment.

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