You need one week weight loss solution that doesn’t involve pills and exercises? Try this one and lose weight like crazy while cleaning your colon from toxins and fat!

Losing weight is not something that is achieved easily, since it requires that we you a lot of determination, patience and above all perseverance. It requires a lot of discipline and the best alternatives to achieve your goal.

One of these alternatives is to have your colon clean, because if you want to lose a few pounds, the first thing to do is to combine a good diet and an adequate exercise routine. But as we mentioned before, the secret is to keep your colon and other organs clean.

By doing this you will gain more benefits among which are better absorption of food, detoxification of the body, increase of the body’s defenses and elimination of unnecessary fats. So, one way to clean your colon and lose some pounds is with this natural one week weight loss solution. Find out all about it in the following passage.

One week weight loss solution and colon cleanse

The following shake is composed of ingredients which are indispensable for its elaboration, so if you want good results, do not forget to include them all and take them twice a day for a week.


  • Juice of one orange
  • 1 slice of pineapple
  • An apple (red or green)
  • 1/2 aloe Vera leaf
  • Half a fresh cucumber

How to prepare it?

The first thing is to cut the pineapples into pieces and then wash the cucumber and cut it into slices with the peel. Wash the apples and remove the heart, cut it in two halves with the peel. Now take one aloe Vera leaf and cut it into two halves (for this preparation you should only use one of the halves so they must be equal in size). Remove all the gel from the one half of the aloe Vera leaf and then add all the ingredients in the blender. Pour a glass of water to the ingredients and blend them, then to finish, pour the orange juice.

As we said, drink this shake two times a day for a week. This incredible one week weight loss solution will blow your mind! You’ll love the results and the energy you’ll get out of it! Enjoy!

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