Cellulite removal treatments are not always effective, and are also unhealthy. Try these things you can find in your home and enjoy the remarkable results!

Cellulite is women’s worst enemy. It is a combination of fat, water and waste, and it looks like little (or big) bumps on the skin; well, it looks disgusting. It usually appears on the hips and thighs, but it can appear almost everywhere on your body. Some people have cellulite on their arms, back and even cheeks!

So what causes cellulite? Some factors are familiar to you, such as fatty, fried and processed food, but surprisingly enough, caffeine and alcohol also contribute to its appearance.

One way you could get rid of this awful bikini-problem, is to completely change your diet. What you eat and drink directly reflects on your body. So, no more of the forbidden food and drinks; start eating veggies more.

Another, not so popular, yet most effective way to solve the cellulite removal problem is by using these amazing ingredients that you can find them in your home or your local store.

Cellulite removal tools in your home

Rosemary alcohol – you may not have this one at home, but you can easily make it. Rosemary is not hard to find, you probably have it around the house somewhere. So all you’ll need is 1 rosemary, (fresh, NOT dried) alcohol (96°) and 1 glass container.

You should use the whole plant, with its leaves and flowers. They all need to be fresh, not dried, for a better effect. Cut the plant into small pieces and put it in the glass container. Fill the container with alcohol and cover the container with a lid.

Put the mixture in a dark corner and forget it for 2 weeks. It takes some time for the ingredients to dissolve. 2 weeks later, apply the mixture on the parts of your body where you have cellulite and rub, preferably using those cellulite removal massagers. Use it until you’re pleased with the results.

Coffee – you may have heard about this one, and the rumors are totally true! Paradox: you shouldn’t consume caffeine as it provokes cellulite appearance but you should massage the cellulite with it in order to disappear! Almost all of the cosmetic products for cellulite removal contain caffeine.

Instead of buying those super expensive products, just take some oil, preferably coconut oil, because is great for skin care, and mix it with coffee. This mixture will work great as a peeling, with the coffee granules and will do miracles for the cellulite. Massage with cellulite removal massager.

Apple cider vinegar – it’s great for everything, why not with this problem? Just mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with quarter cup of your favorite body lotion. The rubbing and massaging process is the same as with the previous ones.