Your Stomach Feels Full And Bloated? Is It Because Of Fat Or Stomach Heaviness? Let’s Find Out!

There can be two reasons why your stomach feels full and bloated: fat or stomach heaviness. Find out whether you’re having a health condition or you need to start exercising!

For some strange reason, many people feel fat when they have a bulb or bulging belly. So have thin legs and arms, but because they have a bloated belly, they feel overweight. That is wrong. Fat is a health problem that must be treated with a specialist, and stomach heaviness is a consequence of bad eating habits that you can change.

If you are in the habit of enjoying each meal as if it were a feast, it is normal that your stomach feels full and bloated after each encounter. This is very common, and also a very unpleasant experience. The worst is when the gas accumulates inside the stomach, which makes us feel more ‘fat’.

Now that you know this you will surely ask yourself, how to identify stomach heaviness? Although there are many factors, we will introduce you the most common. With this valuable information you will also be able to avoid this problem:

Why your stomach feels full and bloated?

1.- Constipation

It occurs as a result of the gases that are trapped behind the feces. The solution to constipation is to drink lots of water and lots of fiber. But beware, do not abuse fruits and vegetables because you could cause the opposite effect. Be cautious.

2.- Carbohydrates

Avoid as much alcohol, sugar and starch as possible. In particular, the combination of the latter two, as it will make you feel heavier than normal. The ideal is a low carb diet.

3.- Stress

Yes, stress also causes bloating and stomach pain. Learn to relax, breathe and avoid ‘eating’ your problems.


Sometimes, when your stomach feels full and bloated, is can be a sign of fluid retention. This means that your tissues and organs retain more water than they need. To balance your entire system drink pure water, between a liter and a half and two liters each day.

5.- Eating fast

When you chew fast you make the stomach swell. Learn to enjoy each bite and eat with patience. You will see that this simple change of habit can do much for your stomach.

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