Learn what causes blood circulation problems and see what you need to do to prevent them, because bad blood circulation is dangerous for the overall health!

The circulation of blood is directly associated with the parts of our body that allow us to mobilize daily. There parts are the legs, arms, heart, and brain, among others. If we cannot maintain good circulation we become prone to contracting long-term diseases such as diabetes, including hypertension.

What causes blood circulation problems and how to improve it is the question that people of advanced age often ask, prone to suffer more of this. Fortunately, there are certain methods that can help decrease or keep these symptoms under control.

What causes blood circulation problems and how to prevent them?


Eating a balanced diet is vital to good cardiovascular health. You can start by reducing the amounts of salt in your daily meals, especially salads. Excessive consumption of salt increases the chances of suffering from hypertension, in addition to retaining fluids which leads to increased cellulite.

Increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamin C, like orange, strawberries, lemon juice, among others. These help to expel toxins from the body avoiding the accumulation of fat in the body strengthen our immune system. Consume many vegetables; these contain lycopene, which prevents atherosclerotic accumulation (deposits of plaques in the arteries).

Eat fish, good source of meat for these prevention cases. Last and not least, drink water. A glass on an empty stomach activates the muscles and a glass before taking a shower regulates the circulation.


Nothing is better than combining exercise with good nutrition. If you cannot keep both for lack of time or arrangement at least we ask you to have good diet. However, you can perform simple exercises that will not take away much of your time.

Every morning after waking up and a glass of water on an empty stomach, spend at least 5 minutes to do stretching exercises. These help activate the functioning of your muscles after being at rest. Some prefer to practice Yoga, excellent exercise to keep controlled breathing and flexibility of your limbs.

Perform cardio exercises, such as riding a bike or walking. These strengthen the heart, also reduce high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, prevent the onset of varicose veins, among other benefits.

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