How to get rid of sores from braces? In fact, you can do that just by following these tips and avoid using painkillers! See what you need to do!

After you get braces, someone might advise you to eat white bread soaked in milk, but you might even not able to eat that. It is a martyrdom that seems endless, but it will last only a few days and everything has its reason for being.

When teeth are moved with orthodontic treatment, the supporting tissues are inflamed, they destroy the bone on one side and create bone on the other side to allow movement.

This pain will be directly proportional to the applied force, and to the threshold to the pain of each person, is that some people can pass this stage of orthodontics without major problem. If you follow these little tips, you may not have such a bad time.

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Now, follow these tips on how to get rid of sores from braces and you’ll pass this period without major issues.

How to get rid of sores from braces?

1.- Avoid fried food completely. These cause great discomfort to make your teeth crash very hard.

2.- Some methods and cooking times allow softer foods easier to chew.

3.- Purees and smoothies are your friends and best allies during the first few days.

4.- The use of painkillers to modify your resistance to pain is okay, but avoid their abuse. It will always be better to adapt to a new diet than abusing the painkillers.

5.- The fish meat is very soft and very delicious, although if you really miss the beef, you can always choose sausages or ground meat.

6.- Leave your jaw half open during the day, allowing orthodontic movements to perform more quickly, shortening the time of torture in your mouth.

  1. Avoid having to use your front teeth to eat fruits. This will break the braces and delay your treatment. Cut the food into small pieces to make your back teeth do all the work, (they are the ones that cause less pain).

8.- Avoid fights and sports of physical contact. A small blow can make you have a real bad moment.

9 .- Communication with your dentist is crucial. The forces applied to a tooth can be measured and controlled to make the treatment more comfortable and safe.

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