Natural beauty tips are getting more and more fame each day; read about these incredibly easy and inexpensive beauty solutions using lemon!

The lemon is a fruit very well-known in the whole world. It has a delicious and refreshing flavor and is very used. From juice preparation until its use in the gastronomy, lemon is an irreplaceable ingredient. Not to mention all the benefits that lemon contributes to health and beauty.

Lemon has astringent and disinfectant properties that function as if it were natural bleach. It is mainly characterized by its high contents of vitamin C, antioxidants and compounds that regulate the acidity and favor the elimination of fat.

If you do not know all the secret natural beauty tips using lemon, right now we are going to show you some. So, do not wait too long and start enjoying its benefits.

7 natural beauty tips using lemon

Lemon is good for the skin

This fruit is a great ally for our skin, especially in those people who suffer from oily skin. Its astringent properties favor the elimination of excess of fat and significantly improve the appearance of the skin. For this it is very important that you keep in mind that the lemon should be applied before bed and under no reason should you expose your skin to the sun if you have applied it, as this can cause spots. The recommended thing is to apply it at night and the next day to use sunscreen. The only thing you should do is apply the lemon directly on your face using a knob or a piece of cotton.

Lip exfoliator

There are several factors that affect the health of our lips, making them look dry and with a cracked appearance. To say goodbye to this problem, one of the best natural beauty tips you could find is to apply a little lemon juice on the lips before going to sleep. You will begin to notice the changes because this ingredient is good for moisturizing and eliminating dead cells.


One of the best known uses in the field of natural beauty tips is the use of lemon for hair, which has shown very good results. This works miracles when it comes to brightening hair. For this you should apply lemon juice to the hair and expose it a little to the sun. This will help lighten your hair by giving clear, golden highlights. We recommend doing it at least once a week for best results.

Fight blackheads

As mentioned earlier, lemons possess astringent and antibacterial properties that favor the elimination of debris and excess of fat on the skin. So it is perfect for combating blackheads, because the lemon favors the removal of toxins and deep cleanses the skin. Apply it at night by rubbing a little lemon on the skin and let it act for ten minutes; remove it with plenty of cold water. Remember that you should not do this treatment if the next day you will expose your skin much to the sun.

Lemon for stains on skin

Sun exposure, acne and food, among other things, are factors that can cause stains to the skin and make it look aesthetically poor. Therefore an effective way to improve and reduce stains is to apply a little lemon juice in the affected area and let it act for fifteen minutes and then remove it with cold water. Do this treatment in the evening hours, since exposure to the sun can generate adverse reactions.

Nail polish and strengthener

Due to the daily use of chemicals and household chores, many of these activities can weaken your nails and they will therefore stain. But here comes the lemon which helps to combat this problem by removing stains on the nails and by strengthening them. To do this, simply combine a little lemon juice with two tablespoons of olive oil and then apply it on the nails.

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