Witness the best thigh slimming exercises and enjoy the benefits! Both your inner and outer thighs will be tones and you’ll look amazing!

These creative exercises have been designed by Katia Pryce for DanceBody, and get the thighs worked in a way that we did not know was possible.

As you will notice, the amount of repetitions for each movement is quite high as they are designed to fatigue the muscles of each leg. This is also the reason why you should not switch sides after each exercise.

You can do all the movements using only body weight, but be sure to tighten your legs, buttocks and abs, to create your own resistance. Otherwise, the resistance band will not be as effective as it can be. Also you must go slowly: You have to do the exercises WELL and SLOWLY, not quickly and badly. If you do not, you will not see the results.

Additionally, you should know that for the ultimate results, you’ll need a resistance band. You can find these in every sports store.

How it works: Begin by standing on your left side and complete the number of reps stipulated for the outside of the thigh of the right leg. Then complete all movements of the inner thighs intended for the left leg. Repeat all movements on the opposite side.

How to Tie Resistance Band: Stand with your feet wide at the hips and tie the band just above your knees. There should be a slight tension in the band.

The 8 best thigh slimming exercises

4 exercises for the outer thighs

Two pumps

Lie on your left side, hold your head with your left hand, your left leg bent, your right leg extended, your abdomen tight. Move your right leg up, lifting it up as high as possible. Then lower it to almost touch the ground with the tip of the foot. Do 30 repetitions per leg.

Verification Mark

Start in the same position, lying on your left side. Bend your right leg trying to bring your right knee in front of your navel, squeezing your abs. Extend your right leg diagonally as much as possible. Do 20 reps per leg.


From the same starting position as above, push up with your left forearm. Extend the right leg, and move it from front to back as if drawing an arch. Do 20 repetitions.

The burner

From the same position as the previous one, bend the right knee to the chest with the right foot flexed, working with the abs obliquely and straight. Touch the floor with your right hand behind you to add a sway. Then extend the right leg, while holding your right hand from back to front. Then tighten the buttocks and bend the right knee, bringing the heel towards the buttocks. Repeat the entire sequence 20 times.

4 exercises for the inside of the thighs

Individual bar

Put weights on the ankles. From the same starting position, lying on your left side, bend your right knee and place your right foot on the floor behind your left leg. Now flex your left leg trying to raise it as much as possible, then lower it until the foot is a few inches off the floor (without touching it). Do 25 repetitions.

Press heel

Put weights on the ankles. From the same position, lift your left leg about 5 or 10 centimeters off the floor. Bend left foot, trying to bring the left knee to the chest, contract the abdomen, then carry the heel away, extending the left leg without letting it touch the ground. Do 25 repetitions.


Put weights on the ankles. From the same position, lift your left leg a few inches off the floor. Bring the left knee to the chest making your abs work. Then extend the left leg in front of you, so the leg will be extended and perpendicular to the torso, forming an L. Then carry the heel away, extending the leg and then return to the starting position. Do 20 repetitions.


Put weights on the ankles. This exercise is also great for your abs. From the same position, extend both feet and raise the right leg toward the ceiling. With your right hand, hold the thigh, calf or heel, depending on the flexibility (avoid pushing the back of the knee to protect your joints). Move your left leg to meet your right leg (the one you hold up). Then slowly lower your left leg to a few inches off the floor. Do 20 repetitions.

Remember to do the 8 best thigh slimming exercises in a row and then turn around and do them on the other side. Adjust weight, band and number of reps according to your current level.

Exercising is critical to a healthy and fulfilling life. Using these best thigh slimming exercises, your body will look astonishing and your legs will be irresistible!

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