Back and cervical muscle pain can appear from various reasons: pregnancy, injury, old accident to name a few. Get rid of them using these 3 stretches!

Back pains today have become a normal condition for many people, both older and younger. The pains in this part of the body are usually caused by the lifestyle we carry.

It is normal to see people perform multiple activities during the day. This causes the spine to suffer the full weight and at the end of the day we feel exhausted. This is because most of the time we’re taking a bad posture.

To avoid back and cervical muscle pain caused either by the bad posture or because we do many activities, it is best to do stretching. Stretching helps to restore our spine.

We recommend stretching in the morning. Today we will share with you a series of three stretches, which will help you eliminate back and cervical muscle pain and also eliminate the discomfort caused by the same pains.

Stretching for back and cervical muscle pain

First stretch

It is very simple, you just have to kneel and pass your hands behind your back, one under the shoulder blade and the other over the shoulder, and then touch them causing them to “salute.” Try to resist this posture for at least 20 seconds or even more.

Second stretch

The second stretch should be done several minutes after waking up, even after eating something because you should put your head down, and just waking up this could make you dizzy or disorientate. Keep the body stiff for at least 15 seconds.

Third stretch

Support your arms on the wall and stretch your buttocks. This way you will be able to obtain a stretch of the back very easily.

These three types of stretching will make the back and cervical muscle pain disappears as well as the discomfort caused by this condition. That’s why we recommend that you do them in the morning, so you could have a normal, painless day and get back to your daily activities!

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