You need to exercise to lift sagging breasts after losing weight. But how to do that? Look at these exercises and have firm breasts again!

When trying to lose weight, you normally don’t think about how your breast would look like afterwards. You’re sure that with a good diet and workouts you’ll tone your body and you’ll look flawless.

Unfortunately, you don’t always get that result. Instead, what you get is saggy, loosed breast that don’t look attractive at all. They are softer and in comparison with your toned body, they look awful. In times like this, you need to exercise to lift sagging breasts and you need to act fast.

How to exercise to lift sagging breasts?

Probably, in your weight loss process you’ve done intensive cardio workouts and you’ve been on a strict diet. Yet, you may have not payed attention to some exercises which are crucial for your breasts. These exercises include:


Your breasts get firm when the muscles underneath them are tight. That’s why you need to exercise with your chest in order to have good looking breasts. That being said, you’ll need to work on your chests more so you could have the amazing results.

Doing push-ups really helps you with this problem. You’re probably used to them by now, so it won’t be a problem for you to do a few sets of ten push-ups during the day. For optimal results, you’ll need to do at least 4 sets in one day. However, you must remember that you need quality over quantity; if you cannot do that much, it’s okay to go slowly. Just make sure you’re doing the push-ups right, and you’ll get to it eventually. The more you can do, the better for your breast.


This exercise is not very popular, yet, it’s extremely effective and it helps a lot when it comes to chest muscles. Just take a breath, and while you’re exhaling, bend your knees and place your hands down on the floor. Now, start walking slowly with your hands in front of you until you get in a position similar to a plank. Stay in this position for a while, giving the best out of you. The longer you stay still, the better your chest will work. Additionally, with this exercise you’ll get firm core muscles, as you’ll get the support of your abs in order to stay in form.

After that, start walking with your feet towards your hands, until your chests touch your legs. Stay in this position for another 30 seconds and rest. Repeat this exercise as much as you can, but don’t do less than 5 repetitions.


For this exercise, you’ll need to lie on your back and take 2 five pound dumbbells. Holding the dumbbells with your hands, stretch your arms. Next, take a deeper breath and when you exhale, raise your arms straight up while still holding the dumbbells. Stay in this position for 30 seconds, and slowly put your arms back to place. Do at least 3 sets of 8 presses every day.

In addition, you’ll need to drink a lot of water. Water consumption restores the skin elasticity and makes your skin bounce back on track. Drinking a lot of water and doing exercise to lift sagging breast is the best solution that you could find!

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