How to lose arm fat? Wow, that’s the question! That’s the question that bugs women every… single… day! But the worst part is that… it’s seems impossible to get rid of it!

how to lose arm fat

We look in the mirror every day, see that fat hanging, and with tears in our eyes, we leave the room. We’ve tried everything, literally everything, and it’s still there. Well, it turns out that there is a solution.

Although you’ve tried reducing fat, eating smaller portions, counting calories, avoiding junk food, you still see no results. Every other part of your body is changing, getting slimmer, but your arms hurt your eyes. And you keep imagining the day when you’d feel totally comfortable with your body… But that day never comes. Here’s the good news! We got some tips and exercises for you on how to lose arm fat efficiently.

1. Cardio

Obviously, you won’t like to read this but you have to do some cardio workouts. That fat has to be reduced first so you could take the next step. This is the first step in a long journey. Losing arm fat is one of the most challenging things when trying to lose weight.

2. Push-ups

Once you’ve done your work, the next step is doing push-ups. Push-ups are good for a lot of muscles, but especially good for your arms. They might seem hard at first, but you could do the alternative way – do it with your legs crossed behind and only go up and down with your arms.

3. Weight lifting

Now, this step is for toning your already slimmed arms. It does not necessarily mean that you need to lift God-knows-how-much weight. It’s enough if you fill a bottle with water and do some lifting, following some pattern. You could hold the bottle with both of your hand and lift over your head, you could do scissors or arm circles with the bottle. What counts is that you’re being both active and you’re lifting weight.

Extra Tip: There’s a must-do in this pattern. We know you’re tired of this already, but you must drink a lot of water. Remember that one!