Look at the celery health benefits! This veggie has the ability to remove cancer cells faster than anything else!

We all know that if we want a healthy life, where your body feels good, you look good and know that you have a good condition, you have to have a balanced diet, exercise and drink plenty of water. It is also clear that to have a good diet, you must add celery to it, along with other vegetables.

However, a study was recently made that confirmed another reason why you should eat celery. As it turns out, celery is a food capable of eliminating up to 88% of the cancer cells.

This is due to a component of celery, apigenin, which is one of the most effective compounds in destroying cancer cells of different types. It can treat: breast, pancreas, prostate or ovarian cancer.

To be exact, studies also reveal that women who consume more of this, are able to reduce the risk of being victims of ovarian cancer by 22%. Also, they can prevent breast cancer, reducing the chances of cancer in one 18%, only eating celery.

Celery health benefits

As we mentioned, celery helps to reduce cancer to 88%. Also, according to the study, if a person consumes two to three stems of this a day, it can simply reduce the chances of lung cancer to a 62 %.

The work of apigenin is that it is responsible for reducing cancer cells and tumor, preventing by all means the development of the disease. That is why it is advisable not to think too much about adding this food to your diet and take advantage of this incredible anticancer capacity.

Moreover, if you’re already a cancer patient, you should definitely eat as much celery as you can. Celery health benefits are great even if you want prevention from cancer and other diseases. So, go ahead and start using celery!

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