You should rinse wash rice before cooking it every time! Find out the reasons why you would benefit from this and have a pleasant surprise!

Many times we do things because we are used to doing them that way, although we have never been given an explanation why. In the case of the kitchen, we may have heard “wash everything you eat, it may have bacteria” and for that simple affirmation we do that for the rest of our lives.

While there are cases where food cleansing is totally logical, since things like fruits and vegetables come from cultivation and have gone through many places. It makes us think that we must clean them to remove any residue that could have remained in them when going through so many processes.

But, there are other things we clean up and do not apply the same logic, as with sealed foods, meats and the particular case of rice. There are many people who wash rice before cooking because they think it is unhygienic not to do so. This is because people think rice comes with dirt.

It is true that when we do this the water that comes out of this element is white, which proves that we are removing something from these grains. But in reality this is starch; there is nothing wrong with this compound. But in fact there is a difference between previously washed and non-washed rice.

For this reason you may prefer to rinse wash rice before cooking

Some people do not wash the rice because they think that as they are going to cook it with boiling water, there will be no problem with the germs and bacteria. Boiling water will eliminate them, which is partly true.

But in this case we will not focus on the bacteria. To rinse wash the rice before cooking or not, makes a difference in the final result of cooking.

When you wash the rice and remove all the starch and other external compounds it contains, it may become more manageable and loose at the end of cooking.

On the other hand, when we do not wash the rice, it is more likely to be sticky. So if you like the rice loose and looking good, it is best that you start washing it before cooking it.

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