Things that give you cancer are actually the things you consume the most. Find out which are these and try avoiding or completely eliminating them from your menu!

As a very popular saying goes, health comes through the mouth, and another also well-known says: “You are what you eat”. The second one has more figurative meaning than reality, but the first is much more literal.

Currently most of the existing diseases are caused by the poor diet and lifestyle we have. One of the diseases that cause the greatest deaths worldwide is cancer and in a great overwhelming majority of people who suffer from it due to their eating disorders.

Food can be a great temptation for each of us. While it is true that rejecting a dish that for us may be the favorite it requires a lot of will power, it is better to be strong than to become ill.

Most of the foods we eat on a daily basis have properties that cause the development of cancer cells. The sad thing about all this is that it is usually the foods we eat most often and are the tastiest.

The problem with these foods is that instead of alkalizing the body, they make it acidic. The acidic environment is the environment that these cells chase because they are internally acidic, and when they find the combination of both acids inside and outside, they spread. Today we will list some of the things that give you cancer that you should avoid as it may. If you eliminate them from your diet or from the foods you eat frequently, then the chances of getting this terrible disease will be reduced. You can take them off your daily diet little by little, until you no longer need them.

Things that give you cancer


Since they have a high content of sugars, increase insulin and imbalance the pH of the body, generating acidic environments that promote the production of cancer cells.

Potato chips

They contain high sodium content, especially after being fried. Too much sodium generates gastric cancers, increases pressure and damages heart health.

Processed meats

According to the American Institute of Cancer Research, meats are one of the main reasons cancer deaths in the USA.

White sugar

Refined sugar causes obesity, and also impairs the production of glucose in the blood, damages our nervous system as well.


This product causes uncontrolled glucose and acidifies the body.


They combine sugar and flour, a deadly combination.


Overconsumption of milk can also make it a plausible cause for cancer .


Has a high fat content, excessive intake damages the liver.

Canned soup

It has high sodium content. Frequent and excessive intake causes fluid retention.

Fast foods

They generally contain many fats and elements that are toxic to our health.

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