Is bariatric surgery diabetes solution? So far, there was no permanent diabetes cure. Let’s see whether bariatric surgery can actually cure it!

What is bariatric surgery? Bariatric surgery is a type of surgery that helps a person lose weight by removing a portion of the stomach or rerouting or resecting the small intestine into small stomach pouch.

Basically, this surgery is helpful for obese people and people who decide to change their figure and lifestyle. This is a game-changing procedure where people tend to focus on healthier lifestyle and getting rid of the body fat.

Moreover, people go under bariatric surgeries every day all around the world, and its popularity grows day by day. Many people decide to make this step for a brighter and lighter future.

However, clinical trials show signs of diabetes improvement. There’s a regular ‘bariatric surgery diabetes’ relationship testing and the results are amazing.

Bariatric surgery diabetes relationship

The hypothesis behind these researches was that diabetics gain weight and have excessive blood sugar levels. If you remove that weight and sugar, their condition will improve and they’ll eventually get rid of the disease. They’ll kill two birds with one stone if they undergo this surgery.

Study number 1

For this study, 150 type 2 diabetes patients were asked to stop using their medications for a few weeks, while being on a rigorous, supervised diet and training programs. This showed no blood sugar level decrease.

On the other hand, when the same patients were asked to, again, stop their medications and undergo bariatric surgery, the results were amazing! Shockingly, the blood sugar levels of 42% of the patients fell to normal levels and they left the hospital without taking medications and diabetes-free.

Number 2 study

This one was a long-term study, where 60 patients were monitored for 2 years. Essentially, the procedure was similar; the patients undergoing bypass surgery or biliopancreatic diversion, and not taking their medications. A significant 75% of the patients who underwent bypass surgery reached, believe it or not, normal blood sugar levels. 95% of those who had biliopancreatic diversion which is the most severe procedure for losing weight also got to normal blood sugar levels.

Questions and doubts

Of course, there’s always a positive and negative side of everything. For one, the positive side is the amazing founding from these two studies; they give hope and motivation for permanent diabetes cure.

Sadly, the negative side is that these procedures are super expensive and not everyone can afford them. Plus, if the results go downwards or there are some complications, no one will give your money back to you nor guarantee post-operative care. The average bariatric surgery is $10,000-$40,000.

Additionally, some specialists claim that the monitoring on these patients is for a relatively short period of time for the type 2 diabetes complications to appear. These complications take years to reveal and that’s why diabetics go through regular checkups and tests.

To conclude, if you do have the money and can afford the treatment, you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Unfortunately, if you can barely or cannot afford this surgery, then don’t take the risk of losing your money, effort and hopes. Finally, this relationship ‘bariatric surgery diabetes’ cannot fit everyone’s budget and time.

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