Pain in the lower back can appear from various reasons. One of these reasons may be something you wouldn’t even think of! Check out which!

Every day we face different diseases that we often do not even know. There’s one condition that can cause pain in the lower back but you wouldn’t even suspect of being the reason for it. It is called pilonidal cysts, which appear on the lower back, near the buttocks. It is a kind of grain caused by the accumulation of dead skin and buried hair. The latter generates a small inflammation, promoting the formation of an anthrax or cyst.

This problem is usually present in men between the ages of 16 and 25 years. Some of its symptoms are lower spine pain, fever, inflammation and redness. If you are suffering from this issue, you will love to know the remedy that we will present below. With it you will eliminate this problem without expensive drugs or medical surgeries.

Get rid of pain in the lower back caused by cysts

Garlic and Epsom Salt

By its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, the garlic is especially useful against this issue. To do this, pour 2 cups of Epson salt into the bathtub with hot water and garlic. Then submerge the affected area for 30 minutes. The procedure should be done twice a day and in a short time the problem will be gone.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is very useful for improving our health in several ways, and this is no exception. To eliminate this cyst, you should drink half a glass of aloe Vera juice once a day. It will gradually but successfully help you get rid of it.

Warm bath

The hot bath helps us in many ways with this problem. This will not only gradually eliminate the cyst, but will instantly relieve your pain. In addition, by doing this you prevent its reappearance in your body. You can do this every time you bathe during the day.

Apple cider vinegar

This vinegar has many healing properties that combat this type of cysts. You should only anoint cotton with apple vinegar and rub it on the affected area. This process should be performed several times a day and the cyst will disappear.

Exercise regularly

If you exercise constantly, even if it is only walking, you will reduce the chances of suffering from this condition. Additionally, if you are already suffering, you will reduce pain and inflammation.


Turmeric is also a good option to combat these cysts. All you have to do is mix several tablespoons of this powder with a little water. When you get a kind of paste, apply it 3 times a day on the affected area.

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