How to clean tartar off teeth? How to get rid of bad breath? Simply use this ingredient for 7 days and you’ll have flawless teeth again!

Oral health is, of course, very important. By taking good care of your teeth, you’re taking care of your overall health. Your teeth are connected with almost all of the organs in your body.

Whenever a tooth or gum problem appears, you feel great discomfort and sometimes even nausea and pain in some part of your body. That’s why making sure your teeth are in perfect shape is essential for your health.

You can do that by using this ancient Ayurveda medicine called kavala or gundusha. It is a teeth brushing method that will help you get rid of bad breath, tartar, gum diseases and plaque. Furthermore, it will kill all the bacteria and toxins from your teeth and body and will whiten your teeth.

How to clean tartar off teeth?

First, we should mention that people who have tried this method are very pleased with the results and continue using it to this day.

Next, let’s see all the other health benefits you get with this method besides good oral health. This technique showed that it is effective with inflammations, hormonal imbalance, headaches, infections, asthma and skin conditions.

Moreover, it shows great results when it comes to oral hygiene, eliminating tartar, bad breath, gum diseases and plaque.

The method – step by step

What you need to do first is get a vegetable oil that you prefer. It could be sesame oil, coconut oil or olive oil. Take 1-2 teaspoons of it and swish for 15-20 minutes.

After that, spit the oil and wash your mouth with warmish water, then brush your teeth normally. You could do this before going to sleep or as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Do this method on regular basis, but you’ll notice the results as soon as the first week passes. You’ll see your smile white and bright and disease-free.