The common symptoms of kidney disease are easy to spot once you get to know about them. Look at them and see whether you have kidney disease!

One of the main functions of the kidneys is to detoxify and clean your body from unnecessary toxins and chemicals you intake. They filter the blood removing all the waste out of your body. Kidneys are also responsible for red blood cells increase and balancing the blood pressure.

When this organ is damaged in some way, you’ll need to recognize the symptoms as soon as possible. You have to act fast because you’re at risk of getting more health problems. Look at the common symptoms of kidney disease and be prepared to act.

7 common symptoms of kidney disease


The kidneys produce erythropoietin, a protein that’s responsible for red blood cells increase. When there’s kidney damage, it cannot produce enough red blood cells causing fatigue and anemia.

Change in your urine

If there’s change in color of the urine, foaming or pain in the abdomen while you’re urinating you probably have kidney disorder. Carefully look at your urine and see the signs.

Difficulty breathing

Red blood cells transfer oxygen all over your body. When you lack red blood cells, the oxygen in your lungs and body is reduced and you have shortness of breath. This is another sign that something’s wrong with your kidneys.

Pain in lower abdomen

Pain around the kidneys area or lower abdomen signals kidney stones, inflammation or infection of the kidneys or urinary tract.

Bloating and swellings

Due to kidney dysfunction, there’s no elimination of the unnecessary fluids from the body. This leads to the appearance of bloating and swelling in the limbs, face and joints.

Lack of concentration

Due to poor oxygen flow to the brain, ergo kidney damage, symptoms like dizziness, poor concentration and light-headedness are likely to appear.


When the kidney is damaged, it fails to eliminate the waste accumulated in the body. That reflects on the skin and the skin starts reacting. It becomes dry and irritated and starts itching.

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