You Have Excess Of Yeast In Your Stomach If You Have One Of These Symptoms!

Excess yeast in your stomach can cause a lot of uncomfortable and even painful consequences; recognize the symptoms and start treating it!

Candida is the scientific name of yeast. This is a fungus that lives almost everywhere, even inside our body. Usually, the immune system keeps the fungi under control. If we are sick or take antibiotics, they can multiply and cause us an infection.

Chronic yeast infections could make life very miserable and bring infections in some parts of the body.

Candida, for example, is a type of yeast that usually lives in the mouth and digestive tract; and helps to separate the sustenance and absorb the supplements. In any case, like anything, there may be plenty of it. Excess of yeast in your stomach can be triggered by several things, and one of them is eating food high in refined sugars and starches, liquor and stress. Be careful!

You have an excess of yeast in your stomach IF you:

Have fungus in the feet

Contagious contamination of skin and nails are a prominent among the best known indications of excess candida, particularly toenails; because they appear thickened, cracked or yellowed.

Suffer from indigestion

Some symptoms caused by excess yeast in your stomach are swelling of the abdomen, looseness of the intestines, and obstruction in the evacuation.

Feel skin problems

Any irregularity in your body will immediately reflect on the skin, and the excess of candida is no exception. Some of these conditions can cause the skin to break, and an excess of yeast will usually bring more serious problems such as psoriasis, rashes, hives and sores.

Have a urine infection

The urine, when there’s excess of candida, likely manifests itself through thick, yellow-than-normal urine, very hot, painful and / or fetid. However, it can also cause contamination of the urinary tract and bladder, which can lead to kidney disease if left untreated.

Become hypersensitive

An excess of candida can cause sudden hypersensitivity, and regularly with extremely severe manifestations in the ears, tingling in the eyes and soon an aggravation accompanied by stress and distress.

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