Look at these home remedies for inflamed stomach or gastritis you can use whenever you are in pain. You’ll benefit a lot and you’ll be grateful to have read about them!

Gastritis is a silent disease difficult to combat when you’re already suffering from it. People often feel much acidity, pain and swelling, causing a general discomfort.

However, the problem does not stop there. The recovery of gastritis depends solely on diet, lifestyle, degree of daily stress etc.

To improve the symptoms of gastritis the healthy lifestyle is necessary; it is the safe, effective way that distances you from the discomforts it produces. If you know the right foods, you can start to bring ‘quality of life’ without having to stop your daily work due to the pain.

Besides, you can use one of these two home remedies for inflamed stomach whenever symptoms appear. Look at the recipes and benefit from them!

Home remedies for inflamed stomach gastritis

For these two home remedies for inflamed stomach to have a greater effect, we recommend you to leave tobacco, alcohol and acidic foods. It can really help you in your recovery.

Potato juice

Grate the potato on the thin side of your cheese grater, then put it in boiling water. Let it rest until it obtains room temperature and instantly consume only the water, hence, the potato juice. Never consume it hot, because of the sensitivity of your stomach. In addition, you must try it first before continuing with consumption. Try it first after a meal and if you feel bloating or gases, this home remedy is not for you.

Banana juice and pear

You should start with small portion, because the fiber contained in the banana is very high, just like that of the pear. Take half a banana and half a pear, remove the peel and seed of both fruits, liquefy with 100 ml of water, sieve and drink before lunch or mid-morning. With this drink you will feel that a fire goes out inside you. It has an incredible power to reduce the pH of the stomach until normalizing it.

Remember to include foods that are easy to digest, do not produce gas and elevate heartburn. Therefore cooked foods are your best choice as well as fruits and vegetables. Be careful with the vegetables and fruits that are difficult to digest.

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