Every treatment for chronic gastritis includes Omeprazole – a gastric protector. But, this pill destroys your overall health and here’s the reason why.

Omeprazole is present in every treatment for chronic gastritis. It is considered a potent gastric acid inhibitor and is used by people who feel gastric discomfort.

Gastric acid is actually very necessary for digestion regulation and microbe elimination. However, people who have gastric problems like stomachache after eating certain foods, have to control this gastric acid and they usually use Omeprazole for that matter.

Unfortunately, Omeprazole is highly dangerous for the overall health. Actually, regular Omeprazole consumption can interfere with the vitamin B12 absorption.

Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause numerous health issues, like dementia, anemia and a number of neurological problems such as depression.

In the treatment for chronic gastritis don’t use Omeprazole

Omeprazole seriously damages the central nervous system and it affects the vitamin B12 production. On one hand, vitamin B12 is in relation with the red blood cells production. When this production stops in some way, you start suffering from many diseases.

A recent study shows that people who consume Omeprazole for a year or more, are at 65% risk of having B12 deficiency. Vitamin B12 is essential for your health and well-being, so the normal absorption of it is a must.

Also, Omeprazole decreases the calcium absorption, thus leading to muscle and bone problems. Moreover, it can cause respiratory problems due to the passage of toxins throughout the organism. When it inhibits the gastric acid, it actually destroys the protective layer of our organism that fights bacteria and viruses. In that way, when the gastric acid is diminished, there’s a free passage of the toxins and other harmful substances to enter all over our organism, especially in the respiratory tract.

A better solution in treating gastric problems would be, for example, ginger tea. Ginger provides many health benefits, including boosting digestion and solving gastric problems.

Look at the ginger tea recipe and prepare one today: What Are The Benefits Of Ginger Tea? See The Full List And Make Your Own Ginger Tea Today!


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