How to improve your immune system, how to strengthen it and make it fight all kinds of infections, bacteria and illnesses? Discover all the tips and tricks!

Did you know that adequate rest is essential to strengthen our immune system and avoid stress? It also facilitates the production of antibodies to defend yourself against different viruses, infections and illnesses.

Maybe you didn’t know that the perfect time of year to know if your immune system is working wonderfully is winter. This is because this system is nothing more and nothing less than an extension of the brain. In addition, it is related to the mind and the endocrine system.

The immune system also contributes to maintaining cognitive ability and the constant regeneration of cells throughout life. Therefore, below we will name some recommendations so that you can strengthen your immune system in a simple way.

How to improve your immune system?

Eat good fats

To begin with, you should consume more foods with good fats, since these are essential for each of us. Foods such as sardines, some warm-water fish and salmon can help. Also, avocado, seeds, walnuts and olive oil will contribute to providing your body with the “good” fats that your body needs.

These fats will help absorb the nutrients from fruits and vegetables. In this way you can keep your skin clean, cells flexible, an optimistic mood and best of all, a strong brain.

Sleep well

The hours of a good daily rest are essential to keep your immune system in good rhythm and functioning. Since it is right there where the negative effects of neurotransmitters and cortisol are fought, some such as epinephrine and norepinephrine. These can be elevated during the stress period.

You should know that the sleep hormone develops during the night’s rest. This is the same youth hormone. At the same time, the hormone melatonin is also released. And this has one of the best effects on the immune system and on the skin.

Do not consume alcohol

As much as possible, it is important that you refrain from alcohol consumption. It has molecules called aldehydes that are very destructive, because they cause damage to the plasma membrane of the cell.

As if that weren’t enough, alcohol suppresses the immune system. In this way, it exposes you to be more susceptible to different diseases.

Avoid tobacco

Tobacco directly affects the skin and causes premature aging. When tobacco smoke is inhaled, nearly a trillion free radicals are produced in the lungs.

As a consequence, this triggers the activation of white blood cells, causing inflammation. This process can lead to a disease that directly affects the heart.

Apart from that, tobacco also causes a constriction in the blood vessels, which can significantly alter blood pressure. At the same time, it affects the immune system by increasing the risk of infection such as the flu or colds. Not to mention the fact that it causes diseases that directly affect the lungs, some such as cancer.

Treat stress

Finally, few things affect the proper functioning of the body in such a radical way as stress itself. Both internally and externally. Stress, like no other, interferes with the production of the hormone cortisol.

When large amounts of this hormone produce in the blood, the body gets a high exposure to all kinds of toxic infections. Excess cortisol production can also completely destroy your immune system. And, at the same time, decrease muscle mass, which causes thinning of the skin and generates premature aging.

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