How to relieve carpal tunnel pain at home? There are 5 homemade tricks that can help you out; learn them and try them!

Carpal tunnel pain can have different causes. However, the continuous movement with the wrist is what causes this annoying inflammation most often, as happens when we use the computer mouse too much.

In this article we share the most effective tricks to help you learn how to relieve carpal tunnel pain. You can do them to prevent and reduce inflammation before it becomes a chronic problem.

The causes of carpal tunnel pain

The origin of carpal tunnel pain is, in most cases, the result of the sum of several factors:

  • Continuous and repetitive movements or positions with the hand and wrist. For instance, working with a specific device, playing a musical instrument, using the computer mouse or when using the mobile phone.
  • Stress or stiffness in the joints and tendons.
  • Tendency to suffer inflammations due to genetics, injuries, etc.
  • Diet rich in refined products, sugars and unhealthy fats.

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How to relieve carpal tunnel pain?

  1. Stretching before, during and after

If you know that, in your case, you owe the carpal tunnel pain to the same position or movement of the hand you will have to perform the appropriate stretches every day. Do them throughout the day, preferably before, during and after using your hand.

You will need to straighten the arm forward, in a horizontal position, and raise it perpendicular. The gesture is as if you were telling someone to stop. You will notice discomfort and tightness in the hand and wrist, which will indicate that you are doing them the right way.

  1. Mobility and warming

Second, after stretching the tendons you should do a brief warm-up to combat the stiffness. You will achieve this with smooth movements that encompass the full possibility of positions of the hands and wrists.

Rotate carefully the wrists in circles in both directions for about 1 minute. You must be sure that the circles are well done because, when you have an inflammation, the amplitude of movement is usually shortened at some point.

  1. Heat massage

When you have acute inflammation from a bruise, for example, you can apply cold to relieve it. However, you have a chronic inflammation, it is better to provide heat. In this way, you can relieve carpal tunnel pain.

A very nice way to heat the area is by a massage or self-massage on the wrists that you can do in the morning and at night. If you wish, add a few drops of essential oil of ginger, olive oil or cinnamon. The calorific effect will be immediate.

  1. Baths of contrasts

The contrast baths of cold and heat are another way to provide temperature, since they serve to activate blood circulation. This technique which is used to reduce inflammation and relieve pain has been used for centuries.

You need two containers, one with cold water and the other with hot water.

Immerse hands and wrists, even up to the elbow if desired, 30 seconds in hot water and 15 seconds in cold water.

Do this for 3 minutes at least and repeat it during the day.

Reduce the repetitions as the pain is relieved.

  1. Pressure balls

What physiotherapists include in their rehabilitation routines most often are pressure balls. The action of squeezing with your hands a simple rubber ball or foam helps to exercise the muscles and tendons that pass through the carpal tunnel.

As you recover the strength and mobility of the injured area you can use balls of greater hardness. In this way, the muscles of the fingers are also exercised and the characteristic rigidity that accompanies carpal tunnel pain is combated.

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