This Is How To Remove Excess Fluid From Body In A Short Time!

How to remove excess fluid from body? Fluid retention causes many problems both for the physical well-being and the appearance. Eliminate it now!

Excessive accumulation of fluid in the skin tissues is known as fluid retention. This retention causes the skin to swell and look like with weight gain.

The retention of liquids in addition to causing a negative aesthetic effect, is very detrimental to the health as it can damage the kidneys, obstruct the passage of blood, among other damages that can cause.

Fluid retention can be caused by organic factors, that is, inflammatory causes, problems in circulation, diseases in organs such as the kidneys, among others.

There is another cause that can be the daily factor; among these factors we find the sedentarism, the stress, the ingestion of harmful foods and medicines, the climate etc.

Sometimes when we experience a sudden weight gain, or we cannot lose weight for any reason, and as long as we exercise we do not find results, it can be cause of fluid retention. Liquid retention can occur due to infections and it is very dangerous because this implies that impurities that have to be removed from the body through the pores and other mechanisms are not drained.

Today we will share some recommendations how to remove excess fluid from body in an effective and simple way. If you feel that you suffer from this pathology, it is best to consult a doctor and implement the tips that are shared below.

How to remove excess fluid from body?

Onion broth


  • 3 large onions
  • 1 glass of sea water
  • 1l of water

How to prepare it

Bring the water to boil with the onions for 30 minutes.

How to use it

Consume the resulting mixture by takin one shot before or after each meal.


Grapefruit is a fruit that benefits the kidneys and liver, being a purifying fruit. Ingestion of the same is recommended when you are fasting.

Natural Supplements

Foods such as horsetail, green tea, among others, work as supplements that enhance the diuretic effects to eliminate and prevent fluid retention.

Foods to Avoid

  • Soft drinks
  • Canned food
  • Salt
  • Coffee
  • Precooked and fried foods

Other recommendations

  • Eating foods rich in potassium such as tomatoes, bananas, vegetables, etc.
  • Apply heat to the kidney area, do this especially in the cold season.

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