When it comes to body and health, there’s a strong relation. The body expresses whether something is wrong with it or not. Read the signs and act on time!

Our body has a perfect design both internally and externally. Our organism is designed to work perfectly and that each organ or part of it fulfills its function. When this does not happen, our body sends signals.

Human engineering is so complex and perfect that when something goes wrong with some process the body itself has within it organisms that are in charge of the “repairs”. If by chance these managers are not able to solve the problem, then the body asks for help.

This help is transformed into symptoms; the discomforts that we feel are actually the signals that relate the body and health. The symptoms are only an indication that there is a problem in our system and must be solved, either by medicating or ingesting certain types of food.

Knowing the signals that emits our body which are presented in various ways can be decisive and would have much to do with the improvement that we experience. Join us to discover then what it means when our head hurts, our state of mind decays, etc. Knowing what these pains mean, you will understand many things.

Signals of the body and health condition

Stomach pain

This type of pain is associated with emotions that we suppress or do not let go. Such emotions or feelings can be anger, suspicion, anguish, insecurity, among others. However, they could be more serious types of diseases related to gastrointestinal tract problems.


They tell us that we may not feel so comfortable where we are, that we are doing things that we do not like and need to improve. Moreover, headaches can be a sign that we have a serious disease. If these are constant, you need to see a doctor.

Back pain and stiffness in the muscles

It indicates that most of the time we have a bad posture, we are sleeping poorly, also that we have fears and concerns that affect us directly.

Discomfort in the sexual organs

This is the language that the body adopts to let us know that we have emotional pains, maltreatment, low self-esteem, etc. It is important to pay attention to our personal aspects.

Lack of libido

It may mean that you’re having couple problems and not a healthy partner.

Sometimes our body reflects signs of emotional damage, mental aspects that we ourselves cannot express. For that reason it is very important to pay attention to these types of “symptoms” that connect body and health condition and try to solve them.

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