The effects of positive thinking can be quite surprising. Does it help to think positively when diagnosed with some disease or not? Find out!

Ever woke up thinking ‘Gosh, I’m healthy, I’m happy, life is beautiful’? Not really? Instead, you immediately start thinking about your last night’s headache or this morning’s period cramps.

Our general health is closely related with our mind and psyche. Being positive and optimistic has been proven to improve your well-being, emotional state and overall happiness in life.

God knows how much research was done on this subject, all due to people’s testimony. Many claim that when they were diagnosed with cancer, it was the positive thoughts that got them through and safe their lives. Of course, in such difficult times, although medical help is a must, a nice, positive thought significantly changes the turn of the events.

Let’s see these few things that prove the effects of positive thinking actually help a lot.

Effects of positive thinking on your health

Cold and other illness resistance

First, let’s start with the most common problem that really can be solved with positive thinking: the cold. When you’re having a cold, you’re thinking ‘Man, I cannot go to work/school today, I’m a mess’.  All you wanna do is lie in your bed forever and have someone taking care of you all the time. Sounds like paradise, right? You get all the attention, you’re being taken care of as if you are a baby.

But the thing is, if you do so, you’re actually prolonging the healing process. Instead, you should start thinking positively and say ‘So what if I have a cold? That’s nothing; I need to finish my daily duties… The sun is up and so am I’.

This kind of a positive thought can help you go through and prevent many diseases, as it was proven that positive thinking improves and strengthens your immunity system. People who are optimists have a better cell-mediated immunity than those who aren’t.

Live long, prolong aging

The second thing that’s clearly very important is: longer life span and slower aging process. If you have a healthy, young spirit, there’s nothing that you cannot do. You’re committed to your goals and you succeed in achieving them. As a result, you’re satisfied and happy with your life and you have no serious worries that can cause stress or depression.

If you were a cheerful and optimistic kid or teen, the chances are you’ll be immune to depression in later years of your life. Even in hard times, if you remain optimistic and stress free, your body functions will work on your behalf.

Reduce cardiovascular disease risk

In addition, the third very important thing that the effects of positive thinking change is the risk of cardiovascular problems. Heart diseases, high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure are the leading health problems in America today. This is due to the stressful and unhealthy lives we’re living.

If you can manage to stay positive in the most difficult times, you’ll have a healthier, more reasonable lifestyle and you’ll be able to manage stress on your own. The statistics that prove this are amazing: if you add optimism in your life, you’ll have an amazing 70% lower risk of cardiovascular problems than pessimists.

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