The best way to get rid of bad breath is to use a mouthwash that neutralizes it for 12 hours. You’ll spread freshness every time you open your mouth!

It happens to all of us that, at some point, we feel that our breath is not the freshest. That unpleasant smell bothers us and we avoid interacting with other people so they don’t detect it, something that can ruin us for a few moments. On those occasions we take gum and candy to hide our breath and avoid embarrassing situations, however, that does not eliminate the problem, it only masks it briefly.

The best way to get rid of bad breath and keep our mouth healthy is to follow very simple guidelines: go to the dentist regularly, drink plenty of water, maintain proper oral hygiene and use a proper mouthwash.

But, there is a particular mouthwash that you can use in order to spread freshness every time you open your mouth. We’ll present it to you shortly, but first, learn what you can do to get good oral health. We provide you with a simple, cost-effective and fast solution to get rid of your worst nightmare and have normal conversations with people again.

Get good oral health

To have a good breath, the main thing is that your oral hygiene routine is correct and constant. You must not forget to brush your teeth and it is essential that you also use dental floss and a good mouthwash, so that you can get to the areas where your brush cannot access. When using a mouthwash, make sure that it is able to eliminate the agents that produce bad breath.

You should buy a soft toothbrush with a small brush area, so that it can reach everywhere, and collect all the bacteria that can cause dental and oral problems. Flossing is an absolute must, too, as is washing your mouth with the mouthwash CB12.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Bad Breath – CB12 Mouthwash

CB12 is the only mouthwash with immediate effect that neutralizes bad breath for 12 hours and prevents the formation of substances (volatile sulfur compounds – CSV) that cause it. You will check its effectiveness from the first use as it contains zinc acetate and chlorhexidine that neutralizes and does not mask halitosis. Its patented, clinically proven formula is recommended by dentists and dental hygienists as it prevents the causes of bad breath. In addition, thanks to its sodium fluoride content, it strengthens tooth enamel and protects them against cavities.

Other mouthwashes mask halitosis with aromas such as mint, however, they do not eliminate the sulphurous gases that cause it and the problem persists. If you want to eradicate bad breath immediately you need CB12, its activity has been proven effectively in various clinical studies.

Daily care with CB12 neutralizes bad breath for 12 hours and prevents the formation of substances that cause bad breath. Its formula acts throughout the mouth, tongue and teeth causing a prolonged effect. Use it in the morning and before bedtime and see how it improves your oral health. Fresh breath all day!

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