Look At This Tongue Colour Chart And See What Your Tongue Says About Your Health!

Here’s a tongue colour chart that will help you discover whether you’re completely healthy or not, and from which disease you’re suffering from!

Our tongue is an important organ in our body; it enters the category of muscle according to many people. The tongue fulfills very important functions like helping us to articulate the sounds we produce to speak.

It also contains the taste buds that help us taste the food we eat. Another function of the tongue is swallowing and helping us chew. Our tongue may also reveal important aspects of our health. This is why when we go to a doctor we are always asked to open our mouths and to show them our tongues.

They do it because with just a look at it, they can determine our health condition, or at least corroborate with the results. There are several types or forms of tongues, all representing aspects about our health that we must pay attention to. Normally, doctors know what the colour represents, but here, we’ll give you a tongue colour chart that will help you determine that for yourself.

When you see something abnormal in your tongue the first thing you should do is go to a doctor to determine if the presence of that unusual factor represents some kind of danger for you.

To know that it would be something abnormal, you have to know what types of tongues ​​exist. Today we will list some forms or colours that may appear in your tongue, what they mean and judging from this information you will already have a parameter to know if your type of tongue is normal or you should go to the doctor.

A tongue colour chart to determine your health condition

Bulk on the tongue

If you notice these characteristics in your tongue, you should not worry, it is completely normal. This condition is suffered by 14% of the population in the United States.

Small white spots (Leukoplakia)

This condition is common in people who smoke and it means that something irritates your mouth. When they appear they do not cause pain, but their onset has a 5% chance of becoming cancer. If you are not a smoker and you have these spots and if they do not go away in 2 weeks, then you should visit your dentist immediately.

Stains similar to cottage cheese

If small spots grouped on your tongue appear, could mean the presence of candida (oral candidiasis). This condition in tongue is associated with the consumption of antibiotics. It also means that your immune system is weak.

Red tongue

This condition is unhealthy and means that there is a deficiency of vitamins, especially B12 and lack of iron.

Tongue with wrinkles

It means that you are getting old, this is normal, but you must pay attention because problems can arise such as feeling pain or even suffering from bad breath.

Black and hairy tongue

If you notice that you have fine black or brown hairs, it means that you are not taking care of your oral health. This condition can be caused by the high consumption of liquids high in caffeine or by smoking.

Red lesions

Usually accompanied by canker sores. Their regular appearance should be taken care of because it may represent tongue cancer.


This is a sign that you have stress. They are very painful, especially the first 4 days, but disappear alone after 2 weeks.

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