Treating Flu Symptoms At Home With Propolis As Your Natural Antibiotic Is The Best Option! See Why!

Treating flu symptoms at home can be done with the aid of several natural ingredients, propolis being the best one! See why!

Propolis is used worldwide thanks to its excellent properties, its action that stimulates the body’s defenses. In fact, propolis comes from the Greek word propolis, meaning “defense of the city” which means (defender of the city), is used as a remedy for treating flu symptoms at home, infections, sores etc.

It also has the great quality of removing the pimples, it purifies and cleanses, it is a resinous product, of variable color. It is a really natural antibiotic.

Treating flu symptoms at home using propolis

To prepare the perfect remedy to treat flu symptoms at home, you only need 100 grs of propolis and a liter of brandy. Put these two ingredients in a glass jar, let them macerate for 10 days in a dry and cool place that does not reach the light of the sun. Then store the mixture in a jar with atomizer and the remedy is ready! You already have your homemade medicinal tincture of propolis at home. You can put it directly in the throat, and not only that! Also, you can use it as prevention for the colds and for everything that we will comment to you next.

The most important properties of propolis

  • It protects blood vessels and it is a powerful antioxidant that has vitamins, B, C and E. Also, it is analgesic, epithelizing, among others.
  • In addition, it has proven to be a very powerful ally to alleviate and help combat:
  1. Canker sores and mouth sores.
  2. Accelerate the recovery of oral surgeries.
  3. Cure herpes simplex, such as labial and genital.
  4. Oral infections.
  5. Throat infections.
  6. Swelling of the vocal cords
  7. Oral mucositis (inflammation of the mucosa).
  • Digestive system: helps regulate the appetite to regenerate ulcers and is a liver protector.
  • Respiratory Tract: helps us prevent and / or recover from diseases that affect us when breathing.
  • Circulatory device: dilates and reduces capillary fragility, inhibits the oxidation of cholesterol and normalizes blood pressure.
  • Dermatological properties: heals, disinfects, is a natural anti-inflammatory, and as a fungicide.
  • Dental properties: it helps to maintain the health of the mouth, stimulates the dental enamel, prevents the formation of caries and bacterial plaque, and favors the healing of canker sores.

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