Vitamin D cancer treatment is THE treatment! You can naturally stop the growth of cancer cells, and you can get other benefits along the way.

According to the most recent research, almost 70% of children in the United States and 75% of adults have vitamin D deficiency.

This is alarming, considering the fact that vitamin D prevents diseases, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Most people do not even know they are vitamin D deficient. Through the blood test, we can accurately determine vitamin D levels. In addition, there is a list of the symptoms and signs of this deficiency. Some of them are:

  • Depression – Serotonin “the happiness hormone” determines mood. Serotonin levels depend on sun exposure. Studies show that people with lower levels of vitamin D have a higher risk of depression (almost 11 times more)
  • Severe asthma, especially in children
  • Muscular weakness
  • Cognitive impairment, mainly in older adults
  • Excessive sweating – if you are sweating, but you do not have high temperature or physical activity, then you have vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D cancer treatment

Although it has not yet been scientifically proven, several studies linked vitamin D deficiency with cancer. In 2007, two scientists did a study with a group of women in menopause. They were given vitamin D. In 4 years, 77% of them were less likely to develop cancer.

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In another study, they link vitamin D to certain types of cancer, such as breast cancer. The study suggests that the risk of breast cancer can be reduced by half if there is enough vitamin D in our body.

In addition, many functions in our body depend on vitamin D. For example, the absorption of calcium, the function of the autoimmune system, the cardiovascular system – all depend on vitamin D.

Foods rich in vitamin D include milk, yogurt, mushrooms, fatty fish, tuna, orange juice, etc. Spending time in the sun is also important.

If you decide to take oral supplements make sure they are in the form of vitamin D3.

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